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 Over 1,800 Ministers leave 
 the Ministry every month 

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Are you numb... with absolutely no emotional or physical energy left for your congregation or even your own family? Trying to live at a frantic pace

with too little time left to nurture your own well-being can result in a long-term stress. It’s called burnout.

Below are three excerpts from “Pastor to Pastor” regarding burnout. Join H.B. London Jr. and his guests as they find proactive ways to address the very real possibility of burnout in your life. You’ll hear from Daniel Spaite, Walt and Fran Becker, and a classic interview with Archibald Hart.

Burnout Part 1 - Daniel SpaitePastor To Pastor
00:00 / 27:58
Burnout Part 2 - Walt and Fran BeckerPastor To Pastor
00:00 / 23:23
Burnout Part 3 - Archibald HartPastor To Pastor
00:00 / 21:45
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The Lodge is open to host pastors and their spouses. Want to make a reservation? Please send an email to or call 573-238-7769



**For credentialed ministers who are currently pastoring and spouse ONLY.  No children, family, or pets.

A chance of PACE and change of PLACE = a change of PERSPECTIVE.

A retreat is not about taking time OFF from God, it's about taking time to draw CLOSER to Him.

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