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When I arrived at Sabbath Rest on Monday afternoon I was really STRUGGLING with discouragement.  This past year of leading a church through Covid-19 has left me weary and worn out.  I felt like I needed to hear from God, but often times when I am weary it is difficult to hear His voice.


Within two hours of arriving, I began to clearly sense the Lord giving me direction.  Encouraging me and beginning the process of healing that I needed.  At that time, I was reminded that many people were praying for my time there at Sabbath Rest, and I felt their prayers were a big part of the reason why the Lord began to move.  I continued hearing from the Lord on Tuesday, and then on Wednesday afternoon I felt a breakthrough in my spirit.  I sobbed and cried and prayed and all the while I sensed the Lord releasing me from the pressure and pain I had been feeling.  Thursday as I drove back home, I just kept being amazed at how different I felt.

Jeff and Patti Cox – Pastors in Batesville, AR and have been in Ministry for 31 years

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AS a pastor in ministry for almost 45 years now I know the great need for places where pastors can go to retreat and RECONNECT WITH CHRIST. BUSY MINISTRY can often become a DETRIMENT to a minister's own walk with God.  I first heard about the Sabbath Rest from one of my pastor friends who had been there this past fall.  I decided to take advantage of this retreat location and found it to be everything I needed and then some.


I spent FIVE DAYS at Sabbath Rest during the snowstorm in February.  I was literally shut in the house for five days and nights and yet I had everything I needed to refresh my walk with Christ.  The FIRST NIGHT I slept about twelve hours.  Over the next two days I rested and read from some of the many books provided at the Retreat.  I enjoyed the very simple meals I found in the pantry and the freedom to be COMPLETELY DISCONNECTED from cell phones and the internet.By the beginning of the fourth day, I was finding my footing again.  When my time was over at the retreat, I had sensed a NEW REFRESHMENT in my walk with God.


The FIRST SUNDAY BACK I had several of MY MEMBERS tell me they could tell I had been away for a retreat.  Apparently, it was EVIDENT in my preaching.


Thanks again Ed & Karen for your vision for such a place two hours from Carbondale. I highly recommend Sabbath Rest my friends in ministry. 


Phil Nelson (pastor in Carbondale IL)


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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 On Thursday January 21 and 22, I was at Sabbath Rest. I had taken a Sabbatical in November and my time at Sabbath Rest was so beneficial, I have scheduled three separate visits for 2021. What I did not know was my father would pass away sixteen days before my scheduled time at the lodge. It was definitely a DIVINE APPOINTMENT to be there at Sabbath Rest. This stay was a little different in the fact the only thing I did was pray, read scripture and journal. It is quiet there and NOTHING TO DISTRACT you. The PRESENCE of God was so powerful and REFRESHING. I want to say Thank you to Ed and Karen for providing a wonderful facility and THANK YOU to the Sabbath Rest INTERCESSORS who are praying for the Pastors' and the Spouses who are attending. Your PRAYERS MAKE a DIFFERENCE in Pastors' like me.

Three people who saw me that weekend when I returned to my town, mentioned that I looked fantastic and one even asked if I had been to Sabbath Rest. I said,  "why do you ask?" They responded; "because you have that look in your eye. The look you have when you have been to Sabbath Rest!" I enjoyed just SOAKING in the Lord's presence. I CAME BACK TO THE PULPIT AND OUR OUTREACH MINISTRIES REFRESHED.   I want encourage all Pastors' and ministry spouses to take a FEW DAYS to BE STILL before the Lord, at Sabbath Rest. 

 Dave Truncone pastors in Van Buren, MO.  He and Heidi have been in ministry for 29 years.

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