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 OVER 1,800 Ministers
 Leave the Ministry 
 Every Month
Don't be the next statistic... 


What is Burnout? It's a state of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional exhaustion caused by extended and intense levels of stress, causing the body to overproduce adrenaline.  It leads to the questioning of one's abilities and/or the value of one's work.  


​This may be the number one reason pastors give for why they left the ministry. The hours can be long; the phone calls can be late; the concern for others can be unending; there are no three-day weekends, and the vacations can be few and far between. The job can be spiritually, emotionally, and spiritually exhausting. In addition, most keep the candle burning at both ends.  The result is burnout within a few years. 


Don't be the next statistic.  As a shepherd your health and emotional state are important to be able to care for the people you are responsible for.  



Said their greatest problem is being weary of dealing with problem people such as disgruntled Elders, Deacons, Board Members and church staff.


Are so discouraged that they would leave the ministry if they could. 

35% - 40%

Of Ministers last less than 5 years in the ministry 

Sabbath Rest was formed to help reduce these troubling statistics and to encourage ministers.  We provide "by faith", excellent facillities where pastors and their spouses can rest and enjoy the presence of God, close to home and in an economical manner. ​


The primary intent of a sabbatical is to abstain completely from everyday work. It is a time to relax mind, body, and soul in order to be renewed, nourished and free from worry about how things are going and what needs to be done next. It is a time to refresh fellowship with God, review past spiritual commitments, reshape commitments for the future, and restore the joy of salvation and the blessing of service to a holy, loving and righteous God. Exodus 20:8-11, Leviticus 25:4-5 


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