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Jesus – the REAL CANCEL Culture!

Updated: May 25, 2021

Like you, I see and hear about cancel culture daily. Have you ever thought about what cancel culture means in the NATURAL? How about the SPIRITUAL realm? One is often negative and viewed as a bully, or as one man said, “The soft Taliban.” The other from Jesus, is how we receive a new life through the grace of God. The grace that was paid for by Jesus. HE cancelled out our sins.

One culture looks to your past to punish you in some way, while the other (Jesus) sets you free from your past through HIS forgiveness. We aren’t innocent. No, we’re guilty, but forgiven!

JESUS Cancel Culture in the SPIRITUAL Realm impacts all who receive Christ as savior. When we come to Him and receive HIM (personal relationship rather than religion), we discover that He knows everything in our past and has chosen to cancel our past sins, failures, dumb decisions and mistakes. He sets us free from our past (addictions, strongholds, sins). Jesus said, “You’ll know the truth and the truth will set you free.” (John 8:32)

HOW did HE do that? I share this story often as it’s a concise presentation of the Gospel. A man was at a social engagement in which he was introduced to a local judge. The man asked, “Judge, can you fix a ticket?” He said, “It depends, but yes, sometimes I can.” The man gave his ticket to the judge. A month later they were at another social gathering, and the man asked the judge, “Exactly, how do you fix a ticket?” The judge asked the man, “Were you guilty (speeding ticket)?” “Yes, I was.” I paid your ticket with my own funds.” That was a shocking revelation. The judge paid for a ticket in which he was innocent. Like the older chorus: He paid a debt, He did not owe. I owed a debt I could not pay. Isn’t that what Jesus has done for us? He paid for our sins. God is a Just-God; one of justice, not an un-just God. He doesn’t just wink at our sins - He requires someone to pay for that sin. JESUS is our CANCEL CULTURE. We’re not innocent, but forgiven!

Jesus Is Our Cancel Culture - We’re Not Innocent, But Forgiven

In the SPIRITUAL REALM, He cancelled our past. Scripture says, “If any man be in Christ, he is a NEW Creation.” (2 Corinthians 5:17) The words of “old-man” (prior to Christ) and “new-man” (after receiving Christ) appear in scripture. The word “JUSTIFIED” (1 Corinth. 6:11) shows up as we read the Bible. It means, just as if we haven’t sinned. We have a new POSITION. We were sinners, but “now” we are sons and daughters of God though the grace of Jesus Christ, not by our own merit.

The word REDEEMED means to pay for, to buy back. If a loved one is kidnapped, we buy them back with a ransom payment. Jesus redeemed us by himself, being the ransom payment on the cross. He CANCELLED out our sinful past. Yes, we can remember. Others can remember, and sometime want to remind us of what Jesus has cancelled. But God has chosen to forgive and forget (cancel) out our past sins. (Hebrews 8:12, 10:17) (1 Peter1:18)

Cancel CULTURE of TODAY. Let’s look briefly at the cancel culture in the natural; that which we view daily through various forms of media. I make no pretense of having a full understanding on this philosophy, but I have drilled down far enough to see some of its basics.

May I preface my remarks by saying: I don’t buy in to the politically correct change of definitions. I won’t hate, cancel or attempt to punish you when you disagree me, because free-speech and “TRUE TOLERANCE” are the foundation of a free-country. I also hope you do some of your own research and form your own opinions.

Cancel via the dictionary is a word that most of us understand. We cancel a meeting on our calendar. We cancel a postage stamp. We cancel a payment via a cancelled check.

Yes, we do need constructive change in our society today. I do BELIEVE WE HAVE RACISM and social injustice that can be seen in varying degrees. The QUESTION is - will change come through the legislative (law), or through the mob mentality (lawlessness)? Shutting down free-speech and punishing individuals or groups that don’t adhere to political correctness is the DNA of cancel culture. How many individuals have been “cancelled” from speaking engagements at public universities, etc., because their ideology differs from the “current” POLITICAL CORRECTNESS... something they have said, written or posted on social media in the past. All of us have “stuff: sins, mistakes, skeletons in the closet of our past that can be discovered by a thorough background check. If you don’t believe that about yourself, your halo may be causing oxygen- deprivation to your brain.

Individually, groups or country, we can choose to go forward in a healthy way, rather than an unhealthy way. It involves honest discussion, REPENTANCE -change of thinking - forgiveness, etc. Denial is not an option, nor is it a river in Egypt. It also involves looking in the mirror, rather than “only” looking at others. PERSPECTIVE - Our country certainly has it’s flaws (sins, warts and all), but as one person said, “America, like Noah’s ark, has stink on board, but it’s the best thing afloat today.” Have you ever completed or read a historical background search on other countries? How did that go?

Someone Once Said “Those Who Don’t Know History Are Destined to Repeat It.”

Cancel culture and the misguided (PC) definition of tolerance is often used to stifle free-speech or stop discussion on a number of fronts. The test of MATURITY is often exemplified when individuals or groups can put on their big-boy pants and have a discussion, rather than a shouting match. Sadly today, true tolerance is rarely seen, because can’t respectfully agree to disagree. Blatant double standards (hypocrisy) and censorship is expressed by the news media, social media and other platforms of communication in our society. No room for FREE SPEECH or mature discussion, just cancel those who don’t agree with you. If you follow that line of reasoning, you’ll find Communism (only one view is permitted) at the end of the road.

True Tolerance Can Respectfully Agree to Disagree

Individuals and groups often want to PUNISH those who are not in agreement with them. You don’t have to look very far to see this. The political process in our country is an “in-your-face example.” Some want to punish those who disagree with us; vote different than we do, etc. We demonize them, want to HURT them, their family, their business or their ministry. Sad, but real. It’s reached unprecedented heights today as can be seen by big tech, social media, political power and a news media - formerly called JOURNALISM -that censors what they don’t like and presents their agenda (opinions) as facts.

The Book of Proverbs describes THREE types of individuals: wise, foolish and evil. The evil person is the one you want to watch, as they will try to bring harm to you, your family, business or ministry. Unfortunately, the cancel culture sometimes fits into the description of evil. Kind of like a “Soft-Taliban.” They want to impose and enforce their views on you.

Cancel Culture Too Often Resembles A Soft Taliban

Cancel Culture in the NATURAL will continue to evoke numerous opinions and that’s a reality, but I’m eternally grateful for the SPIRITUAL CANCEL CULTURE that Jesus initiated and continues in my life. How about you? May I encourage you to take advantage of opportunities the Holy Spirit provides for you (us) to use the current conversation topic as a bridge in talking about the real cancel culture.

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